Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My favorite PCN ride and why I do LCSG

Very nice that Nparks did a feature on cycling on their Nparks booklet. I shared my favorite PCN and why I ride.  
You can download Nparks booklet and this article is on page 48. 

Lovecylingsg being nominated for CED leadership award 2015

I was notified this morning  by my friends of this good news. Lovecyclingsg is being nominated  for  Cycling Embassy of  Denmark's Leadership  Award  2015!!!! I rechecked and rechecked. Rubbed my eyes and its real! I looked at the nominees and  they are all the heavy hitters who made substantial changes in their country. That's awesome! 
This is a big win for our cycling community, our  LCSG angels and many supporters  who have contributed numerous time and effort  to make it what it is. We are humbled and excited what this can help bring  forth better changes for cycling  in Singapore. Thank you folks for believing in what we stand for!  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Cheer on our Singapore National cyclists @ SEA games

SEA games is here and one of the events is Cycling! Our national cyclists will be competing with asia best of the best for the top honors. You can read more here.

Dinah Chan is one of SG cycling heroines and she's been thru alot. 

I just want to say is this. It is really a great time  to also go, cheer and support them. If we don't, who will? 
Come on!  Give them a boost! For those interested to do so the details are below:
11th June Thurs @ Marina Bay south.  If you have some time and like cycling. Do swing  by!

Godspeed and all the best Team SG!!! 

Route of the race is here 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Home cycle trainer in actual home environment

About 1 month ago, I bought a 2nd hand bike trainer for my wife. She wanted a way to work out that is easy, fuss free.  
I googled to learn more and there were a whole gamut of options. They include learning from bike tech whizz Steve who has a very informative write up on a minoura LR340 and DC Rainmaker whom super detailed comparison of Bike Trainer made me realise a few things.  
1) Wind and magneto based trainers are more cost effective, but noisy. This might be a big consideration if you live in close environment which can affect others. 
2) Fluid based trainer gives a more "graduated" feel, meaning that if u pedal harder, the effort gets harder. Shift to harder gear, it get tougher. Just like riding in real life.  Also they tend to be quieter 
3)There are rollers option which gives a more realistic ride feel. But they require some agility.
With all the googling, reading and talking to folks who have one.  
I chose to go for a fluid based bike trainer route - with a realistic ride feel and noise consideration in mind. My option was either Cyclops Fluid2 or Kurt Kinetic Road Trainer. Yes and they were more expensive. 
I eventually  bought it secondhand at Togoparts as I saw that many folks tried and didn't enjoy the trainer. I was lucky, I got it at 1/2 of the retail price.  Something to consider if you don't mind using 2nd hand stuff. 
This is how it looks at my home now. 
Attached to my Stripe MTB
We, yes I said WE as my wife and I used it pretty much every day now. She actually uses it more than me. Morning half an hour and in the evening, when our gal is sleeping, she would go spin it. This is HUGE WIN for us! The ability to just get on the bike without leaving the home for us with a busy lifestyle and child is just great! 
Here's some experience touch points I made to enhance the product"performance". Its not pretty but it works! 
- Rigged up iPad holder so can watch movies while cycling. Get one from Daiso, zip tie to handle bar. Bang. Done! Wife loves it!
wire iPad holder from Daiso, held in place by Zip Ties
-Water bottle bag for easy access. Not so useful as we are in a home. 
- Towel wrap on bike to catch sweat. Hold it with cloths peg. Very domesticated approach, not so nice but it works. 
- Realistic bike feel and more cooling. Put a fan in front and set in low speed. Nice! 
I am not a tech writer and I don't aim to be one. I am just like many of you, a cyclists who has a day job and family commitments. But I hope to share with you my perspective as there is a lack of article that addresses our point of view. 
Hope this sharing will help you in deciding if a bike trainer is suitable for you.  Keep on spining! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Rider Profile - Pernille

Thats me at my home town Copenhagen.
My name is Pernille (Pa-ne-la). I have lived in Singapore since August 2014, when I moved here with my family for my husband's work. I am from Copenhagen, and it was not until recently that I identified myself as a cyclist. 
Bike racks back in my home town

Bike paths at copenhagen

I used to take riding a bike for granted, but after having lived in Riyadh, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore I find myself connecting with others who love cycling too. It is a revelation to me that cycling is not practised on a daily basis everywhere and I am now actively involved in promoting cycling. 

I am inside the photo...some where. :) 
One of my projects is to bring the social enterprise "Cycling Without Age" to Singapore and I hope to launch it very soon. My other job is as a facilitator in schools, where I talk to teenagers about body image, bullying and teasing, social media, sexuality and other related subjects. I have a degree in psychology and started my company here, "Seeds of Awareness" after having worked with teenagers in Mumbai in the aftermath of the brutal gangrape in Delhi. 
Me and my girl visiting Bukit Brown Cemetery 
My bike is a second hand Maxwell. I often carry heavy things around like books from the library or groceries, and I mostly think of my bike as an effective mode of transport, so I went for a cheap and robust model. My eldest child has his own bike, the little one is three, so I also looked for a bike that can fit a child seat and feel stable at the same time. When my child isn't with me on the bike, I use the child seat to put my groceries inside and lock them in with the strap. Of course I also use the basket in front, it's a very practical bike. I also use it for leisure in the weekends on the park connectors which it also does to perfection. It has three gears which is all I need. I only use a helmet when I ride with my children to teach them to wear theirs too, or when I ride on the road at peak hours for safety reasons. I believe it should be a personal choice and not compulsory. I find it much more comfortable to ride without a helmet and it allows me to feel the wind in my hair which is one of my favourite sensations in the world. I feel quite OK riding on the street in Singapore, the child seat makes the drivers more careful when they overtake me. It is silly, but I think a mother and child are considered more worthy of looking out for, I hope the consideration is extended to all bike riders as we are vulnerable in traffic and all of us want to get home to our loved ones. 
Thats my princess!
Singapore is nice to ride. Always summer and no snow!
When I ride with my children I always use the pavement, I don't feel safe enough with them to expose them to moving cars. When I am on my own I feel more in control, but when I ride with them, I cannot guarantee their safety and I am also a little bit distracted because they ask me so many questions all the time! I am not happy about using the pavement as I feel I am taking the space from the pedestrians, when I approach a pedestrian walking in front of me, I don't use the bell to alarm them. I am a guest (or intruder) on the pavement so I have to ride slowly behind them until they feel my presence, which usually happens pretty quickly.
My favourite roads in Singapore are the small, quiet ones in the city (think Oxley Road) without much traffic on them. I think there is a wonderful infrastructure here and with less cars it would be a commuters paradise. My favourite commuters are pedestrians, cyclists, metros and buses. I am not a big fan of cars in the city, but I love them for road trips! The climate in Singapore is perfect for cycling, even when it rains! When I remember to do so, I bring a rain jacket with me and it's so hot here that I don't even mind getting wet. I use the park connector system a lot, to me it is the most beautiful part of Singapore, and another thing for  Singaporeans to be proud of. 
I wish all the readers of this post a wonderful day and hope you get to feel the wind in your hair today if that's what you like.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lovecyclingsg and Gentle Heroes ride 10th May 2015

Words by Stanley Lim, LCSG Angel who attended this ride today @ Bishan park

This Sunday ride was created for the Gentle Heroes (4 mothers and 4 autistic youths) who have been making bicycle charms to raise funds for the riders who ride for the charities and GH themselves. This ride is to create autism awareness and it is suitable for all family. This morning, we rode with them around the beautiful Bishan Park 1 & 2. 
After the ride, we had potluck with variety of food contributed by the families and riders. We also cake cutting celebrating for all wonderful mothers who are pillars of love to their kids. Awesome!

Aspiration versus Reality

Having a back pain since last thurs meant I couldn't do anything much except lie on the bed and take painkillers. Super boring. 
This made me laugh as there is some truth in it.Just 2mins of your time. 
Although it is about the latest camera, it is the same for cycling.  We often get into this cycle too. If I get the next latest newly fangled CarbonKryonitetitaniumunobtainatium_DI2, Worldtouringreynolds853steelisreal_truetemper_rohloffgeared_pinioned bike that our lives would be dramatically changed.
Top of the line World touring bike - Taken from internet. 
Touring the far flung ends of the world 
Latest greatest Pinarello road bike

I am the Tour de france winner 
Seriously. Really??? 
Have a laugh at marketing in work. Have a laugh at ourself. And go cycle abit! Whatever the bike that makes you happy!