Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Workshop on cycling in Singapore by Centre of Liveable cities

Changing piorities and mindset. It's encouraging and I hope it will move beyond the workshop video and be actualised into action.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Falling in love with the Moulton again

This is a nice video which I found that talks about the Alex moulton bikes. This weekend I rode my TSR and it was a nice experience. Yes, its like the Toyota Corolla of AM but its still rides just as fine. I was glad to have a friend who tried it and rode it again and again... .he was quite blown by the experience! haha yes, Terry thats u!
My friend Terry trying Alex Moulton TSR for the first time! I think he likes it haha

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cycling improve fitness and helps you pass IPPT!

photo by Julian Lim 
Saw this post on Lovecyclingsg Facebook and it made me smile. It was a cyclist who managed to pass his individual physical proficiency test (IPPT) AFTER failing 6 years in a row! The reason he gave was cycling!
For folks who are reading this outside Singapore. SG, all men below 40 years of age are required to do national service (2 weeks) yearly. Part of the requirement is the IPPT involves running a 2.4km under a time limit. Many after reverting back to civilian and not exercising tend to fail it. More of IPPT here.
I can attest how hard it is....if u don't exercise :)  
This is his actual words "I hope this post encourages some of you that are afflicted by our national obligations. After cycling regularly for 6 months from a total sedentary lifestyle to being a bicycle commuter on some days, my fitness has improved to the point where I can pass. (Failed for the past 6 yrs)" Julian Lim
Steady lah and well done!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tour Divide on a Surly Krampus SINGLE SPEED!!!

The Tour Divide is an ultimate adventurer bike route.  Its a 2700 Miles cross country, starting from Banff( Canada) to the border crossing at Mexico. Its not a big commercial event and definitely no RaRa. This is what makes it so interesting.  Go click here to see the more details.
On Facebook I saw  Montana Miller just completed the ride. On a single speed. Oh Wow. That's freaking amazing!
Single speed for a longggggggg journey.  He did it! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crowd sourced Lovecyclingsg Tee design

Lovecyclingsg is a community led cycling group and when there was more requests for another round of Tee, we thought it would be most appropriate to have the community submit their ideas of what it meant to be LCSG. As a gesture of appreciation, we will give the winner a tee....and of course the bragging rights
to have his/her design on Singapore most fun cycling group. 
To me, LCSG is more than just cycling. It's a meeting of friends and to explore the sights of our city, Singapore. Its magical when strangers meet, they can start to chat about bicycles and the best eating places.  I searched my blog and laughed about the cool creative sketch by Tah Ching and Joeel.
cool and creative sketch by Tahching
So please help us make LCSG Tee a success. Share your thoughts and designs on what makes LCSG here. Thank you for reading this! 
This is the current logo and motto for ur re-interpretation 
Use this to sketch ur ideas! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Worn and beautiful VS nice and shiny

I am a designer and in my day job we design stuff. One of the question I constantly ask myself is how perfectly "clone like" products have become. I mean... It's the usual.... everything's new... it's sleek and clean. The smell of new paint, shiny and glossy It's perfect! Like this bike in the picture below. That also happens to be my friend's dream bike at the moment. Cervelo P3. That damm thing just looks like it's about to take off!  Darren, you know you want it haha....
Really slick and sexy.... Cervelo P3  photo credits by http://www.freshbikescycling.com
I know it moves his mojo and I think many.
But it does not for me. 
I like the worn in look. Like a part of nice worn in jeans. The feeling that a something has been used, not abused. Worn in by the passage of time and constant use. It just honest.  
Somehow, I also noted that steel and aluminium materials tend to wear well.  Check out my New old bike....  It's cheap hi-ten (maybe chromo.. I dun know)  frame and its almost 20 years old. I still love to ride it.  DSCN9902
Modern plastics, esp when painted to look like metal. Really look like crap when it's scratched. It just feels cheap. It feels disposable. 
Looking at the success of Brooks leather saddle and how the company is milking its English heritage. It turns out new products based on design eons ago... but subtly improving the functionality and retaining the original intents and materials.  
Could there be a similar and latent need for more "retro looking"components.Could there be a combination of steel metal components that derives inspiration from the older iconic accessories. Like the Shimano 600 arabesque re-issue with modern parts reliability? I know that will surely move my mojo!
So what will move urs? 
image taken from internet

internet image of old shimano 600
Mojo definition:
Taken from Austin powers show. The stuff that gets u going all excited and inspired! ...haha 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sketch by Wailim

Sometime a sketch can simply express a moment in time. This is by Wailim 
by Wai lim

Bikes for Tykes - A fun and practical guide for kids learning to cycle

Its amazing how things can happen. This time... it was from Momo! The book was shared to me by Momo! She saw this book in the school compound. It was lying in a dusty corner. She picked it up and asked the librarian if she could borrow it. The librarian was surprised because nobody wanted to borrow this book. So she simply put it at a very lonely corner. Momo felt that I would like it and we read the book tonight.
It's not overtly "lecturely" but it works! The presentation is a cartoony graphic approach to illustrate how to ride a bicycle. It's a great combination of information and story that will encourage the child and parent to try to ride a bike.
The coolest thing is... this book is authored by Azhar Yusof! He is a lecturer in the PESS academy group at the National institute of education, Singapore (NIE)
The nice illustration was done by Eliz Ong, a singapore illustrator who studied art at Nanyang Academy of fine arts.
Do check your local library or Amazon if you like to buy one and keep. Its really good!